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Stuart Jackson 2004

Perenjori is a townsite in the northern agricultural region, 348 km north of Perth and and 39 km south east of Morawa. It is located on the Wongan Hills to Mullewa railway line which was opened in 1915. Perenjori was approved as the name of a siding in April 1913, and later that year the government later decided to establish a townsite here. Perenjori townsite was gazetted in 1916.

Perenjori is the Aboriginal name of a nearby water source, Perenjori Rockhole being first recorded in 1911 when land was set aside for a water reserve at the rockhole. The rockhole was sometimes spelt Perengory or Perangery, and it is believed the name may be derived from the Peranj-jiddee bush which surrounded the rockhole. The bush is similar to the Black Wattle.
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