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Stuart Jackson 2004

New Toys
posted Fri 10th June 2005 at 19:09 by stuart
General RamblingA couple of months ago Kylie picked up a Dell 20inch widescreen LCD monitor. Ever since I have been envious with my two 19" CRTs looking quite inadequate. Dell recently had a 20% special so I order one for myself today and hopefully it will arrive soon :)

Also recently I picked up a new radio scanner, a Uniden 92XLT. It is an excellent portable scanner, with 200 channels, instead of 100 on my old scanner.

Lastly, after eyeing off a new camera for some time, a finally picked up a new Nikon D70 Digital SLR. What an amazing camera and I'm having a ball with it.

Greased Lightning
posted Fri 10th June 2005 at 19:05 by stuart
General RamblingKylie took me to see Grease the Arena Spectacular at Burswood Dome last night. I really enjoyed it although the A-class seats were pretty ordinary as well as the acoustics of the dome. We managed to beat all the traffic getting but got absolutely drenched on the way to the car. A quick stop to Billy Lees in Northbridge after midnight rounded off an excellent and fun night out.

Radio Scanning fun
posted Sun 10th April 2005 at 21:14 by stuart
General RamblingSomething I've been getting into lately is Radio Scanning. I currently use a Uniden 120XLT scanner with a Diamond D130J antenna on the roof. Mostly I listen to the freight trains around Forrestfield, Kewdale and the South West line, plus the suburban Electrics.

Speaking of things being stolen (see post below), Kylie got home tonight to find the neighbours alarm flashing with a strange car parked nearby. As the owner wasn't reachable she decided to call the police. I fired up the scanner and listened to the Cannington Police on frequency 468.025 to hear the job being dispatched and attended to. Interesting stuff...

Easter at Albany
posted Mon 04th April 2005 at 22:04 by stuart
General RamblingKylie and myself spent a very nice few days down in Albany over the Easter long weekend. The main reason for heading down was the wedding of one of Kylies good friends. The wedding and reception were held at Limeburners Cove near Frenchmans Bay, a very nice setting despite the light drizzle. Some of the highlights of the trip were: fishing at dusk at the Salmon Holes where we caught a handful of fish, eating breakfast each morning at Dylans, and an excellent steak dinner at Rustlers Steakhouse...mmm!

Perth Royal Show
posted Wed 22nd September 2004 at 21:13 by stuart
General RamblingIt's almost time for the Perth Royal Show again. I try and get there every year if possible. My favourite part of the show is tracking down the elusive Stuffed Spud stand and enjoying a hawaiian spud or two. I found a few photos of the Royal Show in 2001 and 2002 on my hard drive that I have just uploaded.

Site downtime
posted Mon 29th March 2004 at 09:45 by stuart
General RamblingParts of my site have been down for almost four days due to problems at my web host. I've been able to get most of the site back online EXCEPT for the photo galleries. Stay tuned... update (03 Apr): photo galleries are back online.. stay clear of dot5hosting.com!

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