Exploring the Top End - May/June 2001

Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve, Northern Territory

69 km. from Darwin, north from the Arnhem Highway, the dam is an area of free-water on the coastal plains which, during the Dry Season (April to October), becomes the home of thousands of water birds and animals.
During the 'Wet Season' the many flood plains resulting from the heavy tropical rains provide adequate sanctuary for the many species of birds in the Territory, when the 'Dry' returns they are lured to the more permanent waterholes like the Fogg Dam. The dam was built in the 1950's as a source of water for the failed rice plantations at Humpty Doo. There is a sheltered viewing platform at the far end of the dam.

Fogg Dam Waterlillies

David & John at Fogg Dam

Waterlilly at Fogg Dam

Wetlands at Fogg Dam

Wetlands at Fogg Dam

David looking at wetlands at Fogg Dam

John at a termite mound

Fogg Dam

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